Soft cuddle finds by Imaginative Bloom

Good morning GHTR readers! Bonnie has been so kind to invite me to guest post on her beautiful blog. So here I am, happy and honored to share with you a bit of what I love as I usually do on Imaginative Bloom to support the best handmade, indie artists and little brands.

Today I’ve some soft finds from three lovely creative women.
The first are called “abrazacortinas” and are by Mariadiamantes from Spain. I particularly loved the original idea to create little and cute characters that embrace curtains.
Mariadiamantes is also on flickr and facebook.

The second image is about a little selection of pillows by Jamtartbaby from Canada, found on etsy. I’m in love with the colors and the illustrations created by this artist!

My last image shows some works by Contemori, an Italian girl who loves to sew stuffed things. Each one of her creations are always funny (and I secretely love all the paper clouds and drops she often use as background on her photos!).
Find Contemori on facebook too.

Hope you enjoyed my little selection :)
Much love,

You can find Imaginative Bloom on facebook, flickr and twitter, too!

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