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happy monday dear ones!  did you have a good weekend? i stayed around the house and accomplished some neglected to-do's, and even squeezed in a deep house cleaning!  yesterday i finally picked my muscadine grapes that have been longing for my attention and made some grape juice, then made david some hot sauce from our hot peppers that have been growing abundantly.  i used this chili garlic hot sauce recipe, and let me tell you, it's is so good!!

rocky top studio

join me in welcoming the newest member of our sponsor family, rocky top studio! allison trentelman has been inspired by the natural landscape of maine's coast for nearly ten years.  her beautiful work shows landscapes, wildlife, botanicals, birds and florals- all of which are absolutely breathtaking.  flipping through one photo to the next, she deepens your appreciation for what nature provides and shows you just how beautiful the little things can be.

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