the sensual side of etsy

happy monday!  what better way to start the week off then with a little sex appeal?

watercolor bralette set by clarebare

has anyone else noticed the more intimate side of etsy lately?  recently, it seems like every time i open an' etsy finds' email or look at the homepage, there has been some sensual imagery- and, i must say, it's been fun to discover the world of handmade intimates!


row 1 :: shorts coup de coeur, pastel navajo sleepmask set, melancholy 2010

row 2 :: , malancholy panties 2010, pink & blue bunnies soft cup bra, sandmaiden rayon & organic cotton lace trimmed panties

row 3 :: baby polka lingerie set, sprite sensual set, high rise panties- orange/blue stripe

row 4 :: leprechaun lingerie set, black butterfly wing leather cuff braceletorganic bamboo jersey criss-crossed bralette

what i'm especially loving about many of these artists- are that they using organic/bamboo fibers, reclaimed materials or vegan methods.  i think it's important to pamper yourself with fine undergarments , and if i was wanting to use organic or otherwise 'friendly' fabrics- i think this is where i would want them most!

organic cotton high wasted boy short by clarebare

i haven't ventured into buying my underclothes on etsy yet, but some of these make it very tempting.  i've got my eye on those high rise panties and cute braletts from clarebare.  have you bought any handmade sensuals?

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    • hey jes, haha- you are so funny! wow, that’s a good one- her work is so pretty! i was worried about this post at first since nobody commented, but i’ve heard good things about it since. i think it made everyone blush. ;)