united thread :: nature inspired watercolors

good morning monday!  how was your weekend?  oo mine was so fun, i got to spend all day saturday antiquing with one of my girlfriends- and it was quite successful!  i've got a to do list the size of texas for this week that i'm eager to start tackling this monday morning, we'll see how much it's dwindled by friday, shall we?

onto better things, chelsea (who's been on a kitchen-renovation-bloggin'-hiatus) sent over a link to united thread last week, and i fell in love!  all handmade, original watercolors, aren't they stunning?

Honey Bee Hive Watercolor

bird watercolor

veggie watercolor

chicken watercolor

that's right, she paints owls, robins, veggies, and chickens! you'll find her shop full of nature inspired watercolors that speak right to the soul.

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