welcome to our new cozy home!

{welcome to our nest by freshline}

hello darlings!  welcome to our new cozy home! go grab yourself a cup of tea and make yourself at home.  if you're viewing this in a reader, you might want to hop on over to the site so that you can see the new design! the amazing jo klima of the darling tree designed the new look, and has done a brilliant job of turning my dreams into reality! i hope you'll have fun finding your way around the new format.  there are just a few things i would like to point you towards.  1st, all of the gardening, simple living, etsy shop help, and diy projects are now visually archived so that you can find them easily, anytime you like!  to view them, just head up to the nav bar and click through the icons on the right.  2nd, you'll find the search, categories and archives over on the right beside my welcome.  and 3rd, the blogroll, friends and share links are now located under lovely links at the top.  enjoy browsing, let me know if you have any questions, and let me know what you think of the new look!

oh yes, and the giveaway winner is....  #56- courtney pearce!  congratulations!

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