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as we're all making ourselves at home in our new space, the timing for my pin it forward post couldn't be more perfect!  pin it forward comes from victoria over at sfgirlbybay and is a great way of connecting hundreds of bloggers!  she teamed up with my favorite new web tool, pinterest, to bring this times theme of 'what home means to me'.  how perfect!  if someone asked me what going home to roost was about, i think i'd pretty much sum it up by saying, 'it's about what home means to me'.  melissa passed the torch to me in her post yesterday and i'm pinning it forward to sam over at good measure for tomorrow! so without further adieu, this is what my home (and appropriately, blog) means to me!

the biggest thing that home means to me, is living in the mountains.  if fact, that's exactly why i went home to roost.  i was tired of living in a big city while i went to school, and new it was seriously time for me to go home to roost.  so i journeyed back to my favorite place on earth, the smoky mountains.  yes, it's a small town and i have to drive an hour to get to target (3 hours to get to trader joes) but how could i give up all this beauty?  all these pics were taken from around my area, and i couldn't live without seeing the beauty that surrounds me.  the mountains, lakes and all the wildlife gives me inspiration and spirit (as long as i'm viewing the bears from behind the safety of my car windows!).

pins from: rod the rabid rodent, deb campbell, mharoldsewell, abennett23, a selfmade view

the second thing that makes my home is cozy comfy places to curl up to nap, read, blog, or sip tea.  i'm a serious lover of all things comfortable, and for a place to feel like home, it's got to be cozy, soft and warm.

pins from: the little green, dede p., sfgirlbybay, ivy style33, bonnieforkner

something i've learned (rather recently) is that there is nothing that makes my home feel more home-y than having fresh flowers around.  there's something about bringing the beauty from the outside in.  if i'm stressed, tired or having brain farts and writing blocks- all i have to do is go pick some flowers and arrange them in a vase to start feeling rejuvenated!

pins from: carrie m. becker, yoshiko314, bonnieforkner, *mayxxx*, ara133 photography, a creative mint

my home wouldn't be home if i didn't have a healthy mix of old and new.  i love putting some found item from a thrift store beside a brand new ikea lamp.  i love the dimension created by mixing textures and eras, and have an interesting nostalgia for a time i never lived in!  bringing old items in and around helps my home have a story, and how fun it is to think about what different items have seen or been through!

pins from: bonnieforkner, solveig flittiglisene, gloryof 80s, bricolagelife

finally, what is a home without a little bit of homesteading?  i'll always remember the first tomato i ate from my garden, and the first egg i found laid by my hens (i ran around the yard screaming, while i held it up in the air).  eating from the land (or from a front porch potted basil plant) brings home a little closer to the heart.  i like to think that even if the whole world stopped around me, david and i could still go on at our tiny home, eating eggs and picking apples.

pins from: bonnieforkner, honey & jam photography, the bear foot shaman

so there you have it!  that's what home means to me.  what does it mean to you? you can view all my pinboards (with more photo details) on pinterest. you can also find out more about the pin it forward project here.

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  • How fun is this. I love reading what home means to everyone. I especially loved the mountain/nature shots :) I was born in a big city. The older I get the more I love the country and small town life. I’ll have to figure out what home means to me. Right now it’s more a state of mind than anything else..I love the quiet. I love spending time with family and friends. I love being able to look out my bedroom window, to the world outside :) :) Awesome :)

    • hi heather! aw, so beautiful- thank you for sharing! it’s best when the feeling of ‘home’ resides in yourself, that way you can be at home, anywhere you go!

  • Beautiful post Bonnie. I feel the same way you do about the city. I grew up in Seattle. My parents had a deli downtown where I worked every summer, I went to art school downtown and then worked my first graphic design job, downtown. Let me just say I couldn’t wait to get out. I never knew how laid back the outskirts could be. People stop by without a schedule and stay for as long as they wish. And is there anything better than getting your hands dirty? Having a garden is the best! Gosh, this is making me want to get pinned!

    • natalie, haha- we have people stop by all. the. time! i love the ‘no schedule’ lifestyle, and talking gardening with my all my neighbors. there is so much to be learned from the ones around you, and it’s easy to forget that you sometimes you should stop and listen!

  • beautiful post – and how lucky you are to live in such beautiful surroundings! i could give up trader joes for this! thanks so much for joining – and lovely blog, as well! :) v.

  • I love this post, Bonnie!

    When I moved to Wyoming, I was inconvenienced that all the stores I was used to (Target, Lowes, Barnes and Noble) were an hour away. But it is funny how quickly you learn not to need those things. I think I shop less now, overall. When I do, I try to shop from small, local, independent retailers. They may not have the same selection, but they are good enough for most visits. I’ve learned to do a lot of shopping at once when I do go to Cheyenne or Casper, and, when all that fails, the internet always has a solution deliverable to my doorstep.

    It’s all about living the life you want and need to live – not what works for others.

    • victoria, what lovely insight, “It’s all about living the life you want and need to live – not what works for others.” thank you for sharing!

  • Just so incredibly beautiful…..where you live, how you live & your home. I have enjoyed this gorgeous post SO much. Thank you for sharing it with all of us and I am so happy to have found your blog. :)

  • oh man this post makes me want to get a cottage, or go camping or something!! oh and all the veggies and flowers, i can’t wait to have a garden! great post!!

  • What a gorgeous post Bonnie -Thank you for including me! I love your garden shots and to live in the mountains…well, you are blessed. Beautiful.

  • Hi Bonnie ~
    I’d love to know more about the pin it forward project. I clicked on the link and the page was not found. Anywhere you can direct me?

    I’m loving your blog. I just discovered it tonight!

  • Hello form Peg in the Midwest!…which is exactly why I adore the “fresh flowers”!! I am so ready to play in the dirt and bring some fresh flowers inside….makes me smile!