a vintage christmas

a vintage christmasclockwise: spaceship christmas card, shiny brite christmas ornaments, vintage white reindeer, vintage 1950 fawn, special delivery, crocheted christmas ornaments, santa mugs, twas the night before christmas, amazing striped shiny brites, silvery twist

whether it's an entire vintage christmas or just an orange in your stocking, a vintage touch at christmas warms the heart.

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  • My parents have always put an orange in the toe of our stockings. I never realized it was a vintage tradition until this season. I just though it was something they did, along with the pistachios!

    I started collecting a few vintage ornaments last year and have continued my new tradition this year. They’re just so sweet and some of them are hilarious. I found a bright turquoise velvet coffee pot this year. I’m posting it on my blog today :)

  • I need a “like” button to click…some of those items are in my house as we speak! and, those mugs! growing up we had a set (nearly) identical – my mum still has them! a couple of sets of gift tags in my shop were even inspired by those very mugs from my childhood :)