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paperless holiday invitations

i've always been a big fan of snail mail, as there's nothing quite like opening up a special card with your name on it.  but then again, i've always been a big fan of the earth, as there's nothing quite like hiking into forested mountains and standing in awe of the beauty surrounding me.

what's my point?

i believe that wherever we can cut paper or other environmental detriments, we should! that's where paperless post comes in.  they are an incredibly well thought out, beautifully put together site where you can customize all of your invitations, holiday cards and well wishes into a gorgeous cards and send them right over the world wide web.

paperless post has been named elegant, couture, tasteful and brilliant- and to that i would like to add genius. they cost significantly less than going usps (send 150 cards for $10- that would be $66 at the post office!), they save you tons of time and they save the earth, one piece of paper at a time.

paperless post

they've partnered with some of the best designers, (linda & harriet and thorn willow press- just to name a few), and with features like chevron envelope liners and funky fonts, you're recipients will still have a feast for their eyes. they are incredibly easy to put together (not to mention embarrassingly fun), so head on over to paperless post to get started!

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