halloween the handmade way

halloween the handmade way

clockwise :: {scull and crossbone candles, shabby chic halloween favors, halloween bats, vintage anatomy post cards, halloween cupcake wrappers, eat drink and be scary, candy pumpkins, black widow spider salad plates, girl with umbrella, b is for boo}

we're not big 'celebrator's' of halloween, but we'll take an excuse to have a dinner party anytime!  we love to hear the door bell ring and see what all the little ones have dressed up as, and hand them their yearly dose of cavities candy.  as it seems that much to do about halloween has lost it's charm (sexy nurses or skimpy devil costumes, anyone?), here are some handmade halloween goodies that have some class.

how do you celebrate halloween?


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  • Halloween is just another excuse to decorate the house in my book! I usually decorate very simply with some black crows perched on shelves and atop lights or with some hanging spiders.. and of course- some white pumpkins!

    btw- you wouldn’t catch me dead in a “sexy” halloween costume. I’m going as Velma from Scooby Doo this year… bright orange turtleneck and all. :)

    Thanks for the lovely post, Bon!

  • I’m hoping to have some friends over for a Halloween crafty day this Sunday – carving pumpkins, a couple other projects I’ve seen in magazines, pumpkin spice muffins and apple cider, watching a Halloween movie, and then something from the crockpot for dinner, with red wine! Halloween night itself can sometimes be sort of a downer in a college town – this should be a nice alternative. And maybe I’ll even brainstorm a costume – finally!

  • I always celebrate with friends and dress up and dance! This year I’m going as Lady Gaga, almost all my costume will be free since I can basically wear anything I want! Love reading your blog & the pictures!

  • I LOVE Halloween, it has always been one of my favorite holidays…mostly because of the time of year. Fall is just an awesome season here. We usually have my brother and his girlfriend over on Halloween, carve pumpkins, make a big pot of Potato Leek Soup (it’s hardy and really warms you up from the inside out), and prepare our costumes together. The last few years, we have gone out dressed up as a group theme. For example, all the Harry Potter characters (I was Hermione, my brother was Harry [he looks exactly like him!], my husband was Voldemort, and my bro’s girlfriend was Ginny). We make our costumes from scratch, so we’re always really proud of them and excited to show them off. Duluth, MN is a fun city to celebrate Halloween in…live music everywhere, and because the weather is cold you don’t see as many questionable/not-so-classy costumes. ;) Happy Halloween!!!!