thanksgiving is over and the leftovers are gone. today, most of us will return to our normal schedules and see that the hype of the holidays is upon us.  before the busyness sets back in, i want to take a moment to give thanks.  there are so very many things that i am thankful for, and i know i don't say thank you enough. today and always, i am thankful for:

my husband, my light, my love and my life entertainment

my mom and dad, for the selfless love they give

my sister and how she makes me laugh

my grandma, and all the times we spend in the kitchen

my mom, dad & sister-in law for the inspiration and laughter they spread

great food and a family that loves to cook

toaster, and his willingness to snuggle

our jobs, and the way they fulfill us

safe travels, for the many miles we drive

great tasting coffee on cold mornings

having a deeper desire within me to do better and be a better person

for you, and your faithfulness- and how you make me smile!

for every blessing in our lives, that too often get overlooked.

what are you thankful for this thanksgiving?

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  • So, so lovely darlin….so many wonderful things to be thankful for. I am so thankful for my girls & my husband. Our continued good fortune & health. Our home & the time we have to spend together….they are all so easy to mention, right? But, so easily taken for granted too. So grateful that I can mention all of those things. Thanks for this!

  • I am thankful for my husband, Jonathan, our “kids” (two dogs-Morgan & Bobo, two cats-Azalea & Rosie), our ability to grow and produce food, our home, friends, family, and health. I am so very thankful for each new thing we learn and every new day we have to love each other that much more!

  • what a thoughtful list bonnie :)
    it has been a tough year in our neck of the woods, BUT it has made me even more thankful for my husband, kiddos, brother, his family, and my extended family. love them oodles!