yvonne’s decor tour

hello darlings!  i realized the other day how long it had been seen we had talked about home decor, and suddenly missed it!  i'll try to share more roosts with you from now on. :)  today's comes from a lovely graphic designer, yvonne huynh.






doesn't her home provide a breath of fresh air?  i love the color pallet- muted and natural, with pops of color.  and what gorgeous pillows she has on her couch!  her little pup makes me smile too, the perfect accessory for her home.

you can see all of yvonne's home in her flickr album, and even more at her beautiful blog where she shares yummy recipes and more design!

p.s. big announcement coming later today!

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  • wow, i’ll take that house please!! i love that the little yorkie is in pretty much every picture! (i’ll take the dog too please!) this is totally the type of house i would have!