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with having a new place to decorate, i've been prowling design blogland even more than usual.  i try not to be such a sucker for trends, but sometimes i just can't help it (like with my latest chevron fad).  yes, i even have an antler on order (where is it? .. should be here by now..).  in lieu of amy's decorating with maps post last week, i'm taking the hub to our local map store to pick out the biggest one they have that will fit over our recently thrifted desk.  at the same time, i like to make things my own, and put an unexpected twist on things.  through vintage finds, thrift store snags and diy projects (some of which i'll start sharing with you next week), i like to think there's a little bit of bonnie in every trend i follow.  i have planned lots of painting, a little stenciling, some cushion covers and quite a few spray paint projects. we'll see how far i get before monday! what projects are you planning this weekend?

{all pictures are from lonny mag, a sure fire way to gather some inspiration if you're in the mood to decorate!}

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  • Weekend projects include: taking a photography lighting class and crafting a 2011 calendar. I have all this beautiful paper (washi) I bought in Japan last year that I haven’t done anything with.

  • I’m bringing in all my houseplants this weekend. Repotting and painting their pots to go with my new blue, green and brown color scheme in the solarium. I picked up a vintage plant stand at an antique fair and a set of school lockers that will also be getting a facelift and joining the room. Then it’s on to reorganizing all my sewing supplies.

    It will be nice to have a fresh space for the long winter months ahead.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

  • Not quite sure it counts as a “project” but my boyfriend’s (Jim’s) family is going to be squeezing into our postage-sized stamp apartment for Thanksgiving dinner! Yes, you read that right, Thanksgiving (Jim’s brother is home from the Air Force for a couple weeks so we’re taking advantage and celebrating early).

    This will be interesting: Our first-ever time hosting Thanksgiving + Jim’s loud family (who I love) + Our too-tiny apartment (I’m pretty sure we don’t even have enough chairs …) = ??

    So while it may not be painting, decorating or stenciling – I definitely consider it a project!

    Totally looking forward to your DIY ideas and have fun this weekend sprucing up your place!

    • hi sasha! haha, yes- i would definately consider that a project! i hope you’ll take lots of pictures, i’m sure you’ll never forget this year’s thanksgiving! have fun cooking!!