the nate berkus show

hi lovelies!  if not for his incredible decor sense, then for his good lucks- i'm sure you all know who the ever inspiring nate berkus is.  today i'm excited to be joining over ninety other bloggers to celebrate the first ever nate day, organized by the mogg blogg girls!  nate's moving on from frequenting the oprah show and is debuting his very own nate berkus show on september 13th, 2010 on nbc, wahoo!

nate berkus

nate berkus

nate berkus

nate berkus

nate berkus

our last home provided us with only about 550 square feet living space.  when i saw nate berkus's new york apartment makeover, it set the entire tone for our little space.  i used so much of his advice and it helped turn our tiny apartment into an amazing space to live in!

my favorite nate berkus advice on small spaces:

- if you have a small space, painting everything white from floor to ceiling will make it look larger, by removing the visual boundaries

- turning a closest into an office is a great space saver

- go up with the furniture to save space and create visual appeal in a tight space

- using glass or acrylic furniture will help the space look larger

- don't be afraid to use large artwork in a small space

what's your favorite nate advice? happy nate day!

{all image: elle decor}

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