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did you all have a good weekend?  i spent friday at home most of the day because it was snowing!  we're having the longest/coldest temps since 1974- so i've been doing a lot of roosting.  saturday, however, david had a bike ride to attend in greenville, sc, so i bared the weather and went with him.  it was a balmy 3 degrees when we left- ah!  i found this adorable store called maymebaker studio while i was wandering the downtown streets, and ended up taking some pictures to share with you!  i must tell you about my sunday though first .. some of you may know that my mister, david, is in basic law enforcement training- and will be police officer in just a few weeks!  (i never thought i married the cop-kind- but he's breaking the mold and doing so well at it!)  anyways, he took me to a shooting range yesterday and taught me how to shoot (i've never shot a gun in my  life- yikes!).  i've got mixed feeling about guns, not sure what i think most of the time, and generally, they scare me.  but i figured if i'm going to be married to someone who has to carry one everyday for his job- i might as well get comfortable with it.  so needless to say, we all survived.  it was 20 degrees and i was shaking, that's why I think next winter I'm going to take my bath suit and travel in a yacht somewhere warm, a detailed topic explanation can be seen here. Even though I still managed to hit some pretty good shots on our make-do target (front page of a yoga magazine)!  ok- now to mayme baker:


this lamp hits you first thing when you walk in the door- swoon! it's so beautiful!  i think my next major project might be to do something like it.  it was a bit flimsy to the touch- almost like it was done paper-mache style.  the post of the lamp itself looked wrapped as well.  i can't get it out of my mind!


the store was set up exquisitely. every time i turned a corner i got lost in all the goodness!  this branch flows over one of the sections, with beautiful clay flowers hanging ever so softly from it.


the building itself led to an amazing set up with skylights and exposed beams and pipes.  hanging chandeliers brought it all to light.


this picture really stood out to me. it's so simply yet represents such a story line.  this might be the next next project, as i was happy to find tons of etsians selling vintage keyholes!


wouldn't this umbrella-holding owl look darling next to the front door? i wanted it so badly, but all i could do was drool in the pricey shop ($152 for this piece!).  i'll be keeping my eye out for less expensive alternatives though- have you seen anything like this?
what did you do this weekend?


well, i found the lamps!  stray dog has an array of beautiful lamps and other homewares- indeed paper mached!
i think i'll still try to get creative, before i buy the mariana floor lamp for $535.00 us (is that bad? sort of what we talked about here, huh?). regardless, it's nice to window shop these beauties!
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  • ahhh…I love browsing small shops…thanks for the vicarious trip…LOVE the keyhole art! it gave me an idea…if it turns out, I’ll send you a photo :)

    weekend? our little nephew, drew, made a surprise entrance to the world on Saturday…my girls and I (daddy was away ice fishing) made a 9 hour drive to meet the little guy…we’ve been waiting many years for him so it was worth every minute! phew, tired today…

    • hey mel!! i was just thinking about you! ;) yes, you would absolutely love it- let me know when you can visit!

      hi jes! yay for the new nephew! i bet you’re tired- but how wonderful to get to meet him! and ice fishing, huh? sounds like we need to get our men toghether!