10 things about me

hello dearies!  the lovely amanda joy over at joy ever after passed onto me a beautiful blogger award last week!  it's a fun way to learn more about our favorite bloggers, so today i'm sharing with you ten things about me, you may or may not have known?

10 things about me

anything you didn't know? :) now i get to pass this award on to 5 more beautiful blogs! my picks are:

1. natalie from love, natalie 2. amy from handmade evolution 3. rachel from lovely clusters 4. sam from good measure 5. nancy from wolf and willow

now it's your turn!

will you tell us one thing about you?

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  • You may have written about it before, but I would love to hear more about your yoga practice and how you became a teacher. I recently started doing yoga myself and love it, but need more inspiration to stick with it!

    • oh thanks kelli! i don’t often write about so i decided to share it today. i studied with stephanie keach at the asheville yoga center in asheville for 9 months. it was an experience of a lifetime and will never forget all the things i learned and what an amazing time i had! i try to do a personal practice about 4-5 times a week at my home with no real structure. my style is just flow and so i like to do whatever feels good and just move with my breath. i’m not teaching currently but am working on opening a little studio in our hometown to offer a few classes a week. yeah!

      i’m so excited to hear you’ve started! i always try to remind myself that no matter how hard it is to get on my mat at times, i’ve never left it feeling worse than before i got on it. that helps me stay motivated. ;)

    • aw, thank you amanda! well, i find myself being very reserved about it as well, but i’m not sure why? oh well, i’m proud of it and need to share it more often. :) yeah to the hate cilantro club! hehe

  • I loved you shared these “confessions” with your readers Bonnie :), so lovely, sincere and transparent.

    My mom is also my greatest inspirations and role model so I totally relate. And to be fair I will confess my top 3 secrets:

    -When I love, I do so unconditionally.

    -I eat too many cupcakes.

    -I am too sensitive to criticism and unacceptance.

    There I said it.


  • thanks for sharing everyone! love learning about you. :)

    @eva: how funny, me too! i’ve written a business plan for it and the whole nine yards, just not sure if/when it will happen!