10 things i’ll spend money on

i've been thinking a lot lately about where the bulk of our money goes, and it's caused me to think about priorities.  the things that aren't so important, and the things that we've deemed most important, or 'worthy' of spending money on, without looking for the cheapest way out.  here's what i came up with!

1. due to some injuries, not only do i need good, supportive running shoes, but i have to remind myself to replace them when i they're worn out.  generally, you're supposed to replace your shoes after about 400 miles, so for me that's about every 6 months. don't let me forget!

2. if i'm going to attempt to do the things 'the right way' by starting my own seedlings, i don't want to skimp out at the gardening store (even though those cheapo seeds are tempting!).

3. i don't want to spend 1/3 of my life on scratchy sheets, so i'll buy the softest ones i can find.  not very expensive, my favorites are 100% bamboo and about $30.

4. i became a vegetarian largely to avoid the antibiotics and hormones found in meat, so i constantly remind myself that they're present in non-organic dairy as well.  at all costs, i skip out on hormones and pesticides by buying organic dairy and veggies.

5. all those ingredients on generic makeup that i can't pronounce just scare me! so i pay the price for ingredients that i can read and feel good about putting on my face.  i'll often buy origins makeup or head to the health food store.

6. organic, fair trade, shade grown coffee- yum.

7. i'm not exactly sure why, but i just can't skimp out on food for little toastie.  he's like my son, so we feed him california naturals.

8. ok, i admit it. i've fallen for the 'expensive' jeans.  sure, it means that i can only buy 1 pair a year, but boy is it worth it!

9. i ain't rasin' my own chickens to eat the same nasties found in the non-organics at the grocery store.  i pay a pretty penny for organic chicken feed ($25/bag rather than $7), but i've never had a more delicious egg in my life!

10. a good camera can turn a bad photographer (like me!) into a somewhat decent one.  i have a nikon d40 and a canon s90 and they are so very dear to me.

so that's it! what about you? what do you deem most worthy of your paycheck?

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  • I’m spending my money on skin care products! I choose them carefully, not even looking at the price. A clean, healthy skin (especially my face) is definitely a priority! It’s just that I feel cleaner when my face is washed and toned accordingly! xox

  • good food is up there on my list. and high quality, low voc paint for my home since that is my next big project!

    i’m dying to know where you’ve purchased your $30 bamboo sheets! do tell!

    • hi kate! oo, low voc is a must. what’s your project? would love to see! i got my dearly beloved bamboo sheets at bed bath and beyond, but sadly i don’t think they carry them anymore. :( i’ve been on a serious scout out to find them again, i’ll let you know if i do!

  • I just splurged on good dirt for my garden. I’m with you – don’t skimp in the beginning and your veggies and herbs will be all the more healthy and yummy.

  • bed linens is a great one! beauty products are great too- from lotion to nail polish there are so many awful chemicals out there. i swear my cat eats better than i do sometimes. reading the ingredients on her food (cranberries? spinach? yum!) i get jealous.

  • oh! and bonnie- i know you didn’t ask about my own skincare, but if you haven’t check out lush before (www.lushusa.com/shop) i suggest you do! their products are handmade, a large handful are organic and vegan, and they don’t have any preservatives or yuckies in them!

    • oh thank you jessica! i’ll def check it out, always happy to find new organics!! also, i’ll go ahead and just throw all cosmetics into my category. i’m super careful about everything from lotion and shampoo to sunscreen and deodorant. no parabens or pthalates (or lots of other gross-ies) please!

  • Bonnie, I use Clean & Clear products, shine control scrub and toner. I wasn’t excited to try them, but they actually turned out working pretty well on my face. Don’t know if I’d dare to recommend it to you, after all it depends on the skin and it should be chosen individually. xoxo

  • RE: low VOC paint. So I changed barbers recently and at the new place they had a strikingly painted wall opposite my chair. During the haircut it came up that the painter had finished the job that morning (!) – I was amazed. They had used low VOC paint and the difference was pretty incredible compared to what I am used to with wall paint.

  • I totally agree with you on the makeup, the organic food, the dog food (in my case, kittie food), jeans (SO worth paying more for a good brand!) and the camera. While I don’t have a good camera (yet!!), my dad just gave me his Minolta Dimage to learn on. It’s a great camera, I’ll learn the basics and if I still am craving a camera of my own my the holidays I’ll get the camera of my dreams – A Canon Rebel. Everyone’s been telling me what a wonderful camera that is, and it’s supposedly great for beginners just getting into all the technical stuff. This weekend I’m going to learn learn learn on my newly loaned camera – I can’t wait!

  • I 100% agree with your choices and for the most part that’s where my money goes too. I don’t own chickens so replace chicken feed with getting a massage. I run, bike, kayak, hike and I think it’s important to treat the body well, so I’ll spend money on getting a massage once a month. That will always be in my budget.

  • @alisha, hm that sounds sooo good! i wonder if i could talk dave into going for that? “sweetie, it’s an essential” is what i’ll say!

    and yes, everyone should try low voc paint! it not only doesn’t smell strongly, but it doesn’t off gas unhealthy chemicals and carcinogens like the normal paints do (hallelujah!).