today is my birthday!

my birthday


  • 1. my husband is the funniest person i know.
  • 2. i'm admittedly addicted to smoothies and watermelon.
  • 3. every time i finish decorating a room, i want to redo it.
  • 4. it's hard to stick to
  • 5. i still haven't learned how to drive a manual.
  • 6. i'm the worst at remembering everyone else's birthday!
  • 7. i once planned to through hike the appalachian trail.
  • 8. i prefer foot rubs to jewelry.
  • 9. sometimes i call myself a runner.
  • 10. other times i can't remember the last time i ran.
  • 11. yard sales and junk stores make me excited.
  • 12. david's pet name for me is 'goat'.
  • 13. i love my job, i love to read and i love Jesus.
  • 14. i always notice how beautiful the trees are, and i love them.
  • 15. the only food i cannot eat is cilantro.  is that even a food?
  • 16. sometimes i make jewelry on long car rides.
  • 17. i do an outstanding number of handstands throughout the day.
  • 18. i gave up on pc's a long time ago.
  • 19. i love my pillow. it goes everywhere with me.
  • 20. i have dreams.  big ones.
  • 21. my best kept secret is... lunges.
  • 22. my favorite morning shows are bonnie hunt and regis and kelly.
  • 23. i have a secret. two actually.
  • 24. you'll find them out soon!

yes, i'm' turning 24!

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