how was your weekend?


good morning lovelies! how was your weekend? mine was insane busy but beautiful. every morning was foggy with dew that spread over everything like a blanket in the grass on a warm summer day.  we were busy having a yardsale friday and saturday and it was thankfully, worth the hassle! i'm no yardsaling pro so i was exhausted from being haggled and helping people all day, but overall it was fun (and totally worth it).  those yardsalers can be ruthless!  yesterday was spent with family for brunch, a hike and then a yummy dinner.  we are trying to soak up all the quality time we can get before we move to colorado springs! today is day one (of 8) of packing up the house.

monday goals:

  • 1) pack up guest room and start on the office
  • 2) make toaster a vet appointment
  • 3) order any fabric supplies i need to take with me
  • 4) narrow down housing options for colorado springs and contact them
  • 5) start going through the clothes i want need to take and separate them

wish me luck! love, bonnie

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  • My weekend was pretty good, though it went by quickly! My husband is at Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island, SC for the next 3 months, so I fill a lot of my time promoting my 2 books & taking 4 college classes. Most of my weekend was spent working ahead on my college classes, but I did take a nice break to go the farmers’ market & an air show :)

    Wow – I am very impressed by your to-do list & I am quite sure that you can get it all done. Once you get started, you won’t want to stop! :)

    • hi victoria! aww, i’m sorry you’ll be missing your husband over the next few months! the bright side is that you’ll have plenty of time to dedicate towards promoting your latest books and school! how fun! i’m anxious to see what farmer’s markets we’ll have in colorado, it’s one of my favorite things to do!

  • good luck!!!

    i had a busy weekend, too! working here and there at the ‘day’ job (at night) and having fun with a friend who moved far away but came to visit – so nice to see her!

    last night i stayed up really late looking at “vintage white buttons” and “vintage button cards” on etsy, and found lots of lovely things. i eventually settled on a purchase: and i can’t wait to sew them onto burlap and frame them in a distressed white frame, not unlike what you’ve shown us here, miss bonnie!

    i hope the move goes so so smoothly, and that you remember to get a receipt for anything you donate to a thrift shop. tax deductionssss! ;)

    xo! anna

    • anna, those buttons are to die for! you better share pics, i’m sure it’s going to turn out beautifully!!

      also, i would have NEVER remembered to get a receipt, thank you thank yoU!

  • @Bonnie- good luck on your pre-moving adventures! Change is exciting sometimes, isn’t it? Can’t wait to see all that’s in store for you and David. Life is good!!!

    @Victoria- First of all, congrats to your hubby! My lovely man is a marine (graduated from parris island in ’01). Secondly, I just read on your website that you’re going to be coming to my CT Barnes and Noble! Super stoked me come meet you!!! :)