is it really thursday already?

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{filtered by rachel follett}

is it really thursday? ...already?? this week is creeping by a little quicker than i thought it would! we still have so much to do, not to mention another yardsale this weekend!  the house is looking pretty disheveled, but room by room we're getting there.  it's so hard to figure out what we should take and what we should leave, sell, and give away.

my biggest efforts are still going to finding a place to live in colorado! what i really want is some old apartment that's been painted white 100 times with drafty windows and hardwood floors (ok, maybe not drafty windows).  i need a little character, and everything i'm finding looks straight out of the 1980's (or '70's).  is that too  much to ask for?   so the search continues... (unless any of you know the perfect place for us?).

so on to today's to do list!

- finish up yesterday's to do list

- move onto packing up the living room

- grab some bulk dog food for the toastie

- pay a few random bills

- use my gift certificate for my favorite local boutique (yeah!)

what's on your agenda for the day?

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  • Another busy day for you, but it sounds like you are making consistent progress each day. Finding the right place is tough, but do keep in mind that you will be there less than a year, so you don’t have to like the place TOO much :)

    Today, I’m working on college class assignments & doing my 1st book signing (OMG, I’m an author!) tonight @ 7pm. I’m also going to play a round of putt-putt golf with my mum during lunch :D