my big exciting news: we’re flying the coop!

today dear ones, i have big news for you..

flying the coop

{cotton washclothes, robin's egg necklace, silver pillow necklace, beaded bracelet, peacock feather, crocheted hat}

what do all these things have in common? they are handmade right in colorado springs, co.

flying the coop

{ journey, textile art, colorado and utah, soar with your own wings, the path we take, birdcage necklace}

what do all these things have in common? they all have to do with flying the coop.

{colorado adventure}

so what does that mean? we're moving to colorado!!

say what? during our trip to colorado springs, my dear david met with cycling company, carmichael training systems.  they called last week and offered him a full time job! cycling is his passion and to be a coach has been a long life dream for him, so there's no way we could turn it down.  though it's so very sad to leave friends and family, i feel so blessed that my job is mobile! i can keep right on blogging and etsying anywhere we go, an that's exciting!  we'll be living in colorado springs for 7 months (until next april) and then will be relocating to santa ynez, california to help them open a new facility (deep breathing).  having only ever lived in north carolina, you can imagine what this feels like! excited, nervous, sad, happy, thrilled, anxious.. that about sums it up.

even more nerve racking exciting, is that he starts on october 1st.  yes, october first! sooo, we'll be massively busy packing up our house and having yard sales over the next few weekends.  anyone looking to buy a home? i know a great one!

so what does this mean for ghtr? well first off, things may be a little light around blogland over the next 3 weeks.  we'll be settled and resume normal scheduling by monday, october 4th, i promise!  as you can imagine, i'll be having a little less yard and will be pawning off giving my hens to friends and family.  the good news is, that all of you city slickers and apartment livers may have a little more in common with ghtr now! you know i'll still be roosting wherever i am though, so still expect recipes, gardening posts and general 'simple living' goodness.  that will never change! so i hope you'll buckle up and join the ride, let's see what the world has in store for us!

love, bonnie

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  • Wow, I am thrilled for you! I only just found you because a lovely friend bought one of your pieces at the indie crafts in Greenville for my b-day! And I just love your blog and have been reading it all! I especially love the info regarding your feathery “girls”. I have been wanting to add chickens to our little piece of country heaven but had no idea where to start and you make it seem so easy. One day soon maybe we will finally have chickens of our own.
    You will love Colorado! The mountains are so breathtaking. You must take yourself to Boulder, one of my fav places. They have the very best Farmers Market and the restaurant called “The Kitchen” is beyond yummy.
    I will look forward to reading about all of your adventures in CO. Safe journey and shining times ahead!

    • maggie, thank you so much, and happy birthday! yes, you should def get some hens, they are so sweet and fun (and easy). also, i will be SURE to check out those places in boulder- thank you!!

  • As someone who’s moved across country three times, an exciting new adventure awaits you! Enjoy, soak it all in and know that your friends and family will be along with you for the journey.

  • That is so exciting! Though it was great to have another friend in NC (love the state), having another friend in CO (also love the state) would be swank :D

    Wow, that is one quick move they want you to pull off – I assume the company is helping y’all relocate? Moving can seem like a drag (I’ve done it over 30 times all across the country), it is a great chance to take stock of everything you have & what is really worth hauling across the country.

  • oh wow! congrats – how exciting! As a girl who once moved from NC to CA, I can tell you it’s reeeeally different, BUT it’s a crazy ride! The Blue Ridge will always be waiting for you, and so will your fam. Happy Trails!!

  • that’s super exciting news … so happy for you! I’ve done that whole up & leave everyone thing a few times, enjoy the adventure & now your friends are at the end of the phone, computer or a great excuse for some snail mail! good luck.

  • Wow! Congratulations on this exciting adventure! You’re right it is great your work is such that you can do it anywhere, I’m sure you will get lots of new inspiration for your blogging and everything else you do from your new surroundings! Good luck! x

  • BONNIE! though this isn’t my first time hearing the news, every time i hear about your adventure it gets more exciting. i wish i was around NC to say goodbye [/steal some of your awesome stuff ;p ], but i’m also glad you are super mobile! we’ll be in touch, i’m sure. love you!

  • Bonnie! That is such a fun adventure…congratulations to you both. As a recently returned N. Carolina girl married to a Colorado Springs boy, I know that you guys will love it. Just be ready for the static electricity in the winter! {And pack some long johns!!!}

  • How exciting! So funny – I live near Asheville right now and was telling my husband that I’d like to live in Colorado earlier today! If I buy your house would you please leave eeeeeverything in it :)

  • Welcome to Colorado!! Wow you are going to be one busy bee getting ready and moving by Oct 1!!! If you crash and need a place to stay on the way up give me a ring- We live in Walsenburg- a good stopping point depending on where your driving from!

    bee blessed

  • How exciting! I didn’t realize your beau was so interested in cycling! (My husband and I met at a bike company). You will love Colorado Springs. Good luck with everything – woot!

  • That is some EXCITING news!!! Good luck with the big move! Can’t wait to see and hear new things from you after you are settled in!!

  • OH MY GOODNESS! That is such big news!
    I can kind of relate – I’m from South Carolina but I moved to Wyoming 4 years ago. It is different. The weather is different (who ever thought I’d miss humidity?), the people are different (but nice!) and even the food is different (shipping shrimp in a cooler on a Continenal Flight, anyone?) but there is so much to love out here. The mountains are stunning, and even after four years I’m still not over them. Snow, is, well, snow, but that only leads to snowboarding, if you’re adventurous, and snowshoeing if you don’t want a concussion. Even though we are far from family, living somewhere so different has been such an adventure, and it has been fun exploring the West from here. I know you won’t be in Colorado long, but see as much as you can before you head to CA. I’ve never lived there, but I’ve been many times. It has a lot to offer, too.

    Well, now all you have to do is pack! Good luck with that!

  • Congrats to you and you husband! Very exciting! Thanks to the military my husband and I have four big moves in the last five years under our belts and each has been an adventure. And that’s what life’s all about:) It’s so interesting how travel and experiencing life in other places (even within the US) can color the way you feel about your home. In my case, my connection to my home state, Florida, has gotten deeper.
    Have fun and can’t wait to read about your new experiences!

    • katie: i know, i feel like you, miss traveler! so nice knowing that i was just close to you, but we should be back to asheville in no time, if you stay there! :)

  • Bonnie–
    I am glad for your husband’s new opportunity, but I wish we could have spent more time together! I still hope we’ll be able to meet again. Hope you love your new home town! Sounds like this will be an adventure :)

    • paige, i know! i was looking at your blog last night when i got this comment notice, how funny! i packed up your sheets last night and they are on the way (beware, there are a bunch!). i have no doubt that we will cross paths again, i feel so blessed to have started getting to know you!

  • ahhh! That’s so exciting. I’ve dreamed of living in Colorado one day and California is wonderful too! Give me the mountains or the beach and I’m a happy girl! Have fun on your new adventure!