tuesday goals

tuesday goals

{breaking through}

well, mission moving to colorado day 1 proved pretty productive! the hub accomplished an amazing amount of work- go david! i on the other hand had a case of the girls and terrible back ache so wasn't doing much of the heavy lifting. sifting through papers, folding laundry, packing the books and being the general organizer was more my job. i'm feeling better already today so i should be able to do a little more lifting!  our house is pretty much totally disheveled, so i only wish you could see where i'm sitting right now.  piles everywhere!

tuesday goals:

- finish packing up the guest room and office

- make dinner reservations to go out with our families tonight

- get started (and maybe finish?) packing up the sewing room

- make toaster a grooming appointment (poor beeeebie)

- be more careful with my back

- attempt to clean as i'm packing so the house remains sane!

i can't even tell you how many blessings we've had throughout this entire process.  we even got news yesterday that our dear friends bekah and zach are going to be renting our house!  what a huge relief. through prayer, patience and trust, God has been an amazing provider throughout each and every detail.  things have come together that we couldn't even foresee needed to in order for this move to take place!  i can even see how certain things that happened a year ago were completely necessary for this to take place in our lives.  how little did we know!  we are so thankful. :) now, back to work!

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  • Don’t be so hard on yourself – you both got a lot done TOGETHER. I usually end up being the organizer & my husband does a lot of the heavy lifting (they’re great for that!). Glad to hear that your 1st day was so productive & I’m sure that same energy will carry over to today :D

  • God is good all the time.
    Isn’t it nice when down the road He gives
    us a glimpse of what His plan has been all along?
    And He doesn’t even owe us that..it’s just a little gift.

    • hi heather! yes, it is! He is such a provider, and we have been in awe at His workings! needless to say, it think there’s a lot more out in colorado springs for us than a little ‘ol job ;)

  • I love a good to do list – and then crossing things off when they are DONE! hope you can keep that pen going…

    and, love seeing things come together down the road…nice that you can appreciate those things even as busy as you are right now!