wednesday goals

wednesday goals

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happy first day of fall!!

this morning definitely feels like fall, it's crisp, dewy and cool!  it's supposed to be a beautiful season, and i'm ready for it.  every year i wish that fall would last just a little longer (or maybe a lot!).  yesterday was productive and we had a beautiful time with our families at dinner last night.  just a couple of tears, but mainly laughs and the telling of old stories.  my back felt really good all day yesterday, (yeah!) so i'm planning on it holding in there for today as well.  here's what's on the agenda!

- finish packing up the sewing room (dun dun duhh)

- finalize the list of possible living places in colorado and make appointments to see them

- start going through and packing up my clothes

- gather more items for the yardsale this weekend

- finalize getting a uhaul

whew! here we gooooo!

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  • yay, fall! my favorite season! until spring. ;)

    great goals, you’ve inspired me to make some of my own!

    -take pictures of new jewelry
    -edit pictures and list jewelry
    -prepare for honor society meet-n-greet tonight
    -study chapter 4 in my comp II book for test tonight
    -spend at least 2 hours in the forums/chat promoting new shop

    there! that ought to do it! :)

    good luck with today’s goals, bonnie!