welcome to colorado!

colorado springs

so as most of you know, the hub and i packed up our belongings and relocated to colorado springs last week!  we hopped in the car last monday and started our journey, arriving to Colorado springs some 28 hours later on tuesday night (whew!).

colorado springs

this is a windmill farm we passed somewhere along the road in kansas, isn't it pretty?  it went on for miles and miles and if you've never seen one- this picture doesn't do it justice.  they are gigantic!

wednesday and thursday were spent house hunting, and let me tell you- it's a funny feeling to be homeless!  we looked at about 25 places and finally narrowed them down to two.  by thursday afternoon, we were unloading boxes and attempting to carry our mattress and chest of drawers up two flights of stairs.

colorado springs

our new place is quaint and cozy, a newer duplex build. the only ugly interesting part is that it has maroonish (maybe pink?) berber carpet.  yup- you heard me!  but with lots of rugs and a little sense of humor, we're making it our own.  for no longer than we're going to be here, i'm sure i can make it work! (right...?)

colorado springs

so apparently, colorado has the best thrift stores. ever.  i went to 5 in one day and bulked up on some sweet finds!  most of them are going to be projects, so as i get the house put together and my paint brushes out, i'm looking forward to sharing with you one project after another.

colorado springs

our house is on the west side of the city, near the historic downtown and a quaint town called manitou springs.  with coffee shops, yoga studios and mom and pop restaurants all in walking distance, i'm starting to really appreciate the city for it's history the local atmosphere.  we even have one of colorado's best farmers markets right around the corner!

colorado springs

so this week will be spent getting the house in order, and hopefully starting some furniture reno projects.  there is much yet to discover so i'm sure i'll be sharing my finds with you along the way.

colorado springs

as for now, i'm off to get organized!  i'll see you tomorrow as we get back to some handmade goodness, xoxo! bonnie

{photos: bonnie forkner}

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  • Is it okay if I live vicariously through you for a little while? I’ve dreamed of living in Colorado and I love Manitou Springs! It’s such a quaint little area!

  • So happy you made it safely! You seem to have a great attitude about change which is refreshing and I know its not home, but you two will make it work:) Have fun on all of your new projects and making that carpet your own!

  • ::Sigh:: I wish I were you … :P

    I am in the process of applying to various graduate schools all over the country, one of which is in Colorado. My boyfriend not-so-secretly hopes I get in and we go there because it is pretty much his dream. Have fun settling in! I look forward to you’re future posts about it :)

    • haha, hi sasha! don’t worry, it’s not all glam (especially dealing w/ this ugly carpet). but it is a beautiful place! this was pretty much my hub’s dream as well, and i’m so happy to see us live it out. when you have no ‘real’ ties to a certain place (jobs, kids etc) then i say why not? live wherever you want to! good luck applying to grad schools, what are you going for? and, i not-so-secretly hope your travels bring you here as well, that way we could meet! LOVE your blog!

    • hi jill! oh, how beautiful! your pictures are so much better than mine, haha- i just took mine out the window! thank you for sharing, will be looking at more of your photos!

  • Wow!! Congratulations!! We have friends in that area and they love it there. I hope you guys feel at home right away and have fun discovering your new suroundings!

  • Hey Bonnie! We saw you guys packing up & I was wondering where your next adventure would take you. Colorado Springs feels like home to me, even though I only lived there 1 1/2 years. I think of Manitou as a smaller Asheville. I bet you feel right at home :) What are you guys doing there? Hope you love it as much as I did :) Scott & I are REALLY looking forward to getting back out there to visit soon.

    • hi sarah! oh, we would love it if you came out this way! make sure to let us know if you do! i love manitou, can’t wait to spend some more time there. :) david got a job as a cycling coach with carmichael training systems, and he’s loving it! so excited to be with him as he lives his dream! :)

  • Hi Bonnie You take such great pictures.Keep up the good work for us all that enjoy what you do.I am so happy you make your trip safe and sound.

  • reading your colorado postings tonight because I am missing living out there.. and missing all of the ARC thrift stores. they were amazing and furnished our first little apartment together:) we still carry lots of our fun finds around with us in our last 2 moves:)

    • meghan, how funny! i use to go to all three arc thriftstores in the same day, several times a month! haha. our whole house was furnished from there. i too still have several items from there. :)