before and after: wooden kitchen knobs

before and after knobs

you might remember that i've done this same project before at our last home, and i just couldn't resist doing it again. it's such a simple, cheap and effective way to spruce up your kitchen! you can find these unfinished wooden knobs at your local hardware store for under 50 cents each.

before and after knobs

to achieve the look i have here, i painted the knobs white (let dry) and then put a coat of this sea green on top. after drying, i roughed up the edges with a sanding block and used a clear gloss spray paint to finish them off. what do you think? to get a more detailed outline of my instructions, you can read about the first i did this project here. now that's what i call design on a dime!

in this photo: berry photo by wren and chickadee, color me vegan cookbook, espresso cups by ikea

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