dinner ideas 10.14.11

this weeks meals were full of fall veggies and new recipes. this week at the farmer's market, we had fresh corn, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, red onions, spinach, eggplant and sweet potatoes. as always, you'll find this week's menu was inspired by our seasonal produce. what's growing in your town?

whole living

monday: purple potato cakes*, roasted veggies and grilled corn

tuesday: farmer's market burritos* and strawberry salad

wednesday: dinner on the grill (too hot to cook inside)! grilled tofu, corn and eggplant, served with a salad topped with avocado and cranberries.

thursday: ceviche spring rolls (minus the cod and + fresh basil) with a summer sprouted salad, zucchini pasta and baked sweet potatoes

friday: roasted fall vegetables with lentils with whipped sorbet and no bake brownie bites

*purple potato cakes

these remind me of my childhood. any time we used to have leftover mashed potatoes, mom would always make us potato cakes the next day. these were purple because i used purple potatos (not to state the obvious, or anything) and were leftover from this shepherd's pie. simply make patties and pan fry with a little olive oil. yum-o!

*farmer's market burritos

we make burritos a few times a month and i always just throw in whatever is in season. this week i stir fried corn, bell pepper, tomatoes, green beans and black beans. i also used quinoa instead of corn (an excellent replacement!). add cumin, nutmeg and chili pepper to taste and serve in sprouted whole wheat tortillas. i always top mine with sliced avocado as well.

all pictures: whole living recipes


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