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hello, sweets! i just wanted to give you a quick update as to my doctor's visit yesterday. turns out, i've managed to tear the lateral meniscus in my left knee and possibly my acl (eeks!). we are awaiting mri results this afternoon, but they have scheduled me to have surgery on tuesday morning. that means, i'm not quite sure what ghtr will look like next week! if i'm not too terribly dazed on pain meds, you'll be seeing me as usual, but i'm going to guess that i might be skipping a few days. i will try to keep you posted, but as of now that's the info i have. thank you so much for all your kinds words, thoughts and prayers!

now, moving on! i just thought the other day how fun it might be to share with you the recipes i've made throughout the week on fridays. occasionally they are my original recipes, but many times they are found in my favorite cookbooks or blogs. i often edit them to my liking, but i'll try to share with you as much as possible (and always only the good-husband-approved ones). :)

monday: zucchini fritters from smitten kitchen

tuesday: made the best berry cobbler (used blackberries this time).

wednesday: beanballs and spaghetti from veganomicon - online recipe here.

thursday: ate the best vegan meal ever at adama vegan comfort food. if you're in the area, we highly recommend!

anything noteworthy on your menu this week? please do share in the comments section!

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