coffee cans to catch-all canisters

coffee can diy

i have a hard time throwing away things, especially when they are as cute as these coffee tins from trader joe's. last week, i finally made something out of them, check out my catch-all canisters!

coffee can diy

using adhesive cork drawer liners from lowes, i cut out pieces just the right size to wrap around each canister. then (using a hot glue gun) i glued on some ribbon, taped on some japanese washi tape and tied on some bakers twine. this is what i came out with, what do you think? i love that you can pin into the cork, perfect for notes, pictures or inspiration pieces.

coffee can diy

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  • Bonnie, your DIY projects are creative and practical, and your pictures have jump-started a lot of creative thinking in our home. I have to tell you, though, that reading your text is very annoying as I am so distracted with your lack of capital letters and punctuation. Have you thought of how this might put others off, also?

    • hi susan! thank you for your comment, and i appreciate your input. in efforts to make this feel like a comfy and cozy place, i have opted from the beginning to embrace my casual and inviting writing style. i’ll be the first to admit that i’m no english major, but write in a way that i feel comfortable and that hopefully makes others feel the same. i am truly sorry that it annoys you, but hope that you’ll stick around anyways! best always, bonnie