diy jewelry holder

happy friday dear friends! did you have a good week? i sure did! i even started a little part-time job to help bring home the (veggie) bacon! i'm really excited about it. :) this weekend will be sunny and nice here so i plan to catch up on some reading and relaxing. how about you? i also found a sweet diy that i may embark upon...

diy jewelry holder

during my morning blogosphere browsing, i ran across this adorable diy jewelry holder from evie s.- and it only takes a little bit of wool yarn to make! isn't it pretty? i always need a little bit of extra storage for my earrings and pins (you could even clasp necklaces around it), and this seems to fit the bill just perfectly.

diy jewelry holder

head on over to evie s. for the full how to, and make sure to share your results with us if you decide to make it!

happy weekend! xox, bonnie

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