diy patchwork art

DIY 3d box art

when i saw a similar piece of art to this one in diy magazine's winter 2010 issue, i started collecting colorful clippings right away. last week, i finally got to put them to use in this colorful patchwork art! i think it might be my most favorite piece of art in the house, and it only took me one afternoon to make. here's the how-to!

DIY 3d box art

1. one large frame, i used this one from ikea.

2. diamond ruler (this fons & porter one would work)

3. a sewing ruler*

4. a rotary cutter*

5. easy tack adhesive

6. matte mod podge

7. rotary cutting mat*

*if you're not a sewer, you most likely don't have these items, and that's ok! they make your life easier, but you could just as easily trace around the diamond ruler and hand cut out each diamond.

DIY 3d box art

you can use materials from just about anywhere! i used magazine clippings, fabric pieces, cork board and crafting paper. the options are endless!

to make the patchwork look '3D', you'll need to use one light colored, one dark colored and one medium colored diamond for each square. the lightest diamond will make up the top of the box, the darkest will make up the right side and the medium colored one the left side; repeating this pattern will create the 3D look.

cut out your diamonds and separate them into light, medium and dark shades. using a re-positionable spray adhesive, start placing the squares down on your frame mat (you might find it helpful to tape 3 pieces together at a time, then position them with the spray adhesive). once all are in place, coat the top with a layer of mod podge and let dry. put your frame together, and voila!

DIY 3d box art

what do you think? let me know if you have any questions, and make sure to share yours with us if you decide to make it!

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