diy watercolor paints

happy friday, lovelies! even though i've been back since monday, i still feel like i'm trying to get back in the groove of things from our break. do you? or, is it just me? i still have a few bags to unpack and things to do around the house, of which i plan to get to this weekend, but in addition to that, i hope to get a little creative.

diy watercolor paints

photo by heather hackett.

i found this easy recipe for making your own watercolors over on heather hackett's blog, lilac silhouette. made with ingredients that you most likely already have in your pantry, this recipe goes together quickly and will have you painting in no time. you can head on over to lilac silhouette for the full how-to and recipe.

what do you plan to do this weekend? i'm hoping to paint a little. :)

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  • how cool – will have to check this out!
    this weekend for me? celebrating 2 big birthdays: my hubby turns 40 today (yep, I married an old guy – hee hee) and our littlest nephew turns 1 on Sunday!

  • this is so great! i’m definitely going to try it out this weekend. also bonnie, i have been dying to get into sewing for years now. i’ve done a lot of research on which sewing machine i should start out with. i was thinking about the 7444, but honestly, i’m still so confused! do you have any recommendations for me?

    • hi lauren! oh, how fun! which sewing machine you should get really depends on what you want to use it for and how much money you want to invest in it. i have used a bernina before that i really like, but currently have (and love) a viking sapphire. if you want to just do some simple sewing, i would look for a basic well-known brand that has a good straight stitch, zig zag, blanket stitch and button hole maker. if you want to do more intricate work like embroidery, you’ll have to invest a bit more. the singer looks like it has good reviews, so for a start out sounds great. does that help? i’m sorry to not have more specific advice!

  • Thank you for sharing this and where to go for the instructions! I am going to make it once and give to my daughters for their children along with the recipe to re-make when they need more!

  • holy cow, girl! you’re living the life. that’s actually really helpful. i was trying to decide if i should spend the extra money to get the singer 7256 (as opposed to the 7444). after reading more, i feel like i should definitely invest a little more. i’d still like not to spend more than 300. i would like to make sew some simple things and work my way up to pretty, simple dresses… (and in an unrealistic timeframe, please. i’m in for a treat, aren’t i?) so, i don’t think i’ll need to be sewing any thick fabrics, and i think i can hold off on the embroidery. the search continues…

    • hi lauren! haha, not quite. my mom is a viking dealer and gave it to me for christmas last year. :) i wish though!

      yeah, i think you won’t regret taking a step up, it really makes a huge difference. and, you can do anything you set your mind to! i have faith in any time line ;)