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happy monday, friends! how was your weekend? today i have simple project for you. a silverware tray and thrifted drawer turned into two shelves perfect for extra organization!

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after we moved, i ended up with this extra silverware tray and a random drawer that i quickly repurposed into the organizational pieces you see here. it was simple! for the tray, i removed the dividers using a hammer, then i spray painted both of the pieces white. second, i cut some pretty paper to fit inside each sectiona exactly and mounted them with spray adhesive. third, just add some picture hanging wire to the back of it and you're ready to hang it!

diy shelving

what do you think? i also considered using it as a jewelry organizer, by adding little hooks to hang necklaces on.

in this picture: diy magnet strip. art by katie daisy.

learn how to make your own paneer cheese at home with @AshleyPahl!

happy organizing!


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