2011 gift guide: the crafty reader

2011 gift guide: books on crafts gifting someone of the crafster variety this year? how about a book on their craft? or maybe one on how to sell it or taking pictures of it? i personally own eight out of ten of these books (a bit of an obsession?) and can vouch on how truly wonderful they are. chock-full of useful information, you or your recipient will surley leave full of inspiration and better equipped to take on the world of craftiness!

p.s. do you have any favorite crafty books?

row 1: how to make money using etsy | the handmade marketplace | creative, inc

row 2: craft, inc. | how to sell your crafts online | print & pattern

row 3: a field guide to fabric design | a crafter's guide to taking great photos | martha stewart's encyclopedia of crafts

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  • I’m curious which of the books you have. Do you have the photography one? One of my New Year’s resolutions for this coming year is to improve my product photography (which is basically awful right now because I have no idea how to work our new bazillion dollar camera!). I am looking for good books on this very topic to add to my Christmas wish list! :)

    • hey melissa! that’s one of the ones that i don’t have, but i have it on pre-order! haha. i’m not sure when it will be released but i hope soon! the other one that i don’t have is the one on ‘how to sell your crafts online’. i would bet that photography one would be really great though!