a big thank you

front yard flowers {photo by me}

happy friday, friends! today i want to give a big shout out to several guest authors who helped me out this week! in case you didn't know, we had family in town this weekend and it was so nice to be able to give them some extra attention. so i'm sending out a big {BIG} hug to:

ashley pahl from indie pretty projects

melissa vest from art does good

laura benn of PAWSH magazine

courtney pearce from 30 days of yoga and art

what do you have planned this weekend? we've got bike races to attend, birthday parties to throw and (veggie) burgers to barbecue! next week will be much calmer and i've got lots of fun posts planned.

for until we meet again, i thought you might like to check out this idea (found on how about orange) for how to store all your loose pieces of ribbon and washi tape from all people quilt. cute, right? happy organizing! xox, bonnie


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