a california fall

california fall

after living in north carolina my whole life, my first california fall has been quite interesting. by this time each year i’m usually used to vibrant leaves, sweater mornings and pumpkins galore. when i ran across the images in au fil de, it instantly reminded me of our current season here in california. things are changing, yes (like it rained for this first time since may!) but we still have local strawberries at the farmer’s market and rose bushes bearing new buds. it’s quite nice, actually.

i’m sure deeper fall colors, feelings and weather changes are to come but currently, i feel as though we are in the midst of a transition. not quite summer, not quite fall. the beaches are beginning to turn chilly, flowers are just beginning to fade and butterflies and less and less frequent. i think i’ll remember our first california fall for the rest of my life.

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  • gorgeous photography … being that i am also in Cali right now it feels funny too. I’m used to english & germany fall’s (autumn’s) … the days get shorter, the temperature drops & the leaves change. Not so much where i am right now!