A Diy PAWSH Project for Pets!

A DIY PAWSH Project for Pets! By Laura L. Benn of PAWSH Magazine

Good morning fellow roosters! I am so thrilled to be here this morning with Bonnie and Toaster to share a 'pawsh' and affordable way to keep your furry friend comfortable all year long!

If there is one thing dogs and cats love more than wagging their tails and tearing around, it is napping. My own little poodle mix, Rory, adores snuggling up for a good 40-winks after a morning spent at the park, but she also loves being near her people. So rather than move her dog bed from room to room to room as I go about my day, I decided it was much simpler to give her a bed in each space.

Now before you all tell me, 'How extravagant!' there is a method to my madness. Firstly, it saves a lot of hassle lugging a pet bed upstairs, downstairs and all over the place. Secondly, by giving Rory her own bed in each major room I can better coordinate with the décor of each space. And lastly, puppies were made to be spoiled, right?

Pillow Medley

All you need to do is purchase a series of fluffed up pillows that you would use for your spare room. Readily available at any major department store and issued in a variety of sizes to suit any pooch, these simple white plain pillows are the key. Next you simply need to find some pillow cases or a beautiful fabric shop to make your own cases. This way you can style each pillow to your taste. Pet bed in the living room? A rich earthy beige. Pet bed in the kids' room? Fun bright red polka dots! Pet bed in the bathroom? (yes, Rory has one under the sink because she likes to hang out while you're brushing your teeth) A serene sea-side blue.

Pillow Medley

Or if you're feeling very generous you can create an entire sofa for your dog out of inexpensive pillows! Wherever your pet snoozes you can incorporate a sophisticated and darling look without breaking the bank! Where would you put a pet bed in your house?

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