a wisconsin mom

happy friday, friends! mother's day is this weekend (don't forget!) and so i've decided to dedicate today's posts to mom's everywhere. first up, i would like you to meet someone: a wisonsin mom.

it's been my absolute pleasure to have my friend julia stay with me this week as she house hunts in the area. the mister has been gone for some bike races, so having company has been so lovely! soon after we got to talking, i found out that her mom is an avid reader of ghtr (cue melting heart) and that she's also an avid quilter. so this is for you, lori- SURPRISE! aren't her quilts beautiful? inspired by the earthy tones that surround her in the backwoods of wisconsin, her quilts take on a very natural feel that seems so cozy. so here's to you lori, happy mother's day from julia and i, and keep up the beautiful work!


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