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if you remember the trip we started a few weeks ago, we're.still.going! 16 states in 3 weeks means that i'm seeing more of the country than i ever have before. i guess you could officially say that we are road warriors! next on the list is sunny california. ahhh. we're leaving today with our dear friends christy and kirk to go visit the place we'll all be moving to at the end of the month! we'll be there for about 5 days and while david and kirk will be working a cycling camp, christy and i have one mission: find a place to live.

so i've been in deep thought about what i hope to find. pickings seem to be a wee bit slim for this small town (and our small budget), but i'm having faith that we'll both find what we're looking for. at some point during the many hours i've been in the car, i jotted down the top ten things i would really love to have in a place. i know i won't get all of them, (or maybe even half?) but i'm hoping for as many as possible. here's my new home  wish list:

wish listoh, and i forgot! a little place for a few chickens. :) wish us luck! i'll try to keep you updated with the options we find on twitter, maybe you can help us make a decision! xox, bonnie

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  • Have you thought about the Asheville, NC area? Housing is so inexpensive, and it’s a beautiful area. I live in Greenville County, SC and there’s a huge amount of affordable housing here, too, especially 2 bedroom houses. Most people want new, huge houses, and the older smaller ones with character are at bargain prices.

  • hi suzanne! thanks for the advice, we love asheville! however this move is taking us to california, so we’re hunting for houses over here. :)

  • The biggest thing we’ve learned in living all over the country – and owning more than a few homes along the way – is that you want to LOVE the floorplan. You can change the flooring and the paint (and even windows and such, to an extent). But the floorplan is what it is. And big yard is always a priority for me – so I compromise in other areas (like my teeny tiny bathroom, LOL).

    Good luck, girlie!! :)