Chevron Painted Pumpkin

chevron pumpkin

I’ve been so enthused with many different ways to decorate a pumpkin lately, that I just had to try painting a pattern onto one. The idea came to me because I am about to paint a large chevron pattern in grey on my living room wall. To paint it on the pumpkin involves the same idea: painter’s tape, measured and spaced equally apart, and carefully peeled off to enjoy the crisp design.

Another great thing about painting a pumpkin is that you can leave it prettily painted in your home, as table decor, on your kitchen counter, or on your mantel, and when it gets closer to Halloween, the pumpkin can still be carved – the jack-o-lantern will just have an eye-catching pattern on it’s face. Let’s get started!

chevron pumpkin


– a pumpkin – size of your choice
– painter’s tape
– a ruler or measuring tape
– pen or pencil
– paint – color of your choice
– brush or sponge

Begin by deciding how big you want your stripes to be, and how close together. This will be largely influenced by the size of your pumpkin. I have a sweet little pie pumpkin, and I measured the dips of my chevron pattern two inches apart, top to bottom and left to right.

After I marked off where my dips should be, I measured out pieces of tape. Since my pumpkin was so small, I started in the middle with 3″ long tape strips, and created a zig zag pattern, as evenly-spaced as possible. For the top and bottom layers of tape, the tape strips only had to be 2″ long.

chevron pumpkin

Special note: these are flat, rectangular strips of tape that we are applying to a round, uneven surface – don’t expect exact zig-zags. Pumpkins are organic forms that rarely grow evenly, so a little imperfection will still look great!

Carefully paint the pumpkin between the paint strips – painter’s tape makes it okay to be a bit sloppy here.

chevron pumpkin

Once the paint has dried, carefully peel the tape away to admire your well-defined chevron stripes! Any paint that got peeled up with the tape, or extra paint that snuck under the tape, can be touched up with a small paint brush, or softly scraped away with a fingernail to achieve a straight line.

chevron pumpkin

And that’s it! Now imagine introducing more colors, or layers of color within the stripes! Try outlining the stripes with permanent marker borders, or trimming them with a line of black upholstery nail heads – the possibilities are endless!
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