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Mary Kay West
happy friday, friends! i am so excited to share with you the most beautiful yoga clothing today! i am so honored to have recently teamed up with one of my favorite yoga instructors, mary kay west, to help get her amazing yoga clothes on etsy. aren't they beautiful? i have several pieces myself and can personally vouch for their comfort, ease of wearing and incredible tailoring.

as a long time yogi herself, mary kay west has made each of her clothing pieces to not only stay in place during your practice, but make you look great at the same time (who wouldn't want that?). she also specializes in pieces that can take you right from the yoga studio to the market and out to dinner with ease. with simple additions like long cardigans and versatile pieces, you won't be stuck running errands looking like you just got off your mat. tailored to fit just about any body, she has longer tunic tanks, flattering yoga pants and summer blouses that are to die for. click on over to her shop and let us know what you think!

pssst... not a yogi? don't worry, she also make stunning blouses and dresses!

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