gift guides: cover your electronics

gift guides cover your electronicsit's december! it's december! it's december! i'm already so eager for the holidays that i'm losing sleep! (like seriously y'all- this is us!)

in efforts to get the gifting goin', i'll be posting a gift guide each day until dec 15th. today's is all about getting your electronics covered. an especially perfect gift if you plan to give an iphone, ipad or other device!

row 1: hedgehog iphone case  - $20 | iphone case- $16.50 | new little black book - $44.99

row 2: droid cover - 18.50 chf | ipad stand with magnetic wood - $27 | ipad case - $22.90

row 3: crochet laptop case - $50 | driftwood ipad stand - $59 | grey felt laptop sleeve - $62

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