handwritten letters

handwritten letters

handwritten by mary kate mcdevitt

writing handwritten letters is a practice that i have intentionally been trying to increase in my life (that's one reason why i love the tiny post office giveaway so much). i wrote two letters this week and also received the sweetest letter from my grandmother in the mail (grandmomma, if you're reading this- thank you! it made my day). i'm afraid it's becoming a lost art, but we all have to admit that opening our mailbox to find a special piece of snail mail truly makes us feel special. today, i encourage you to sit down and take the time to hand-write a letter to someone special in your life. and remember, you should never hold back life-giving words to those you love.  xox, bonnie

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  • You are so right about writing letters. I know I’m guilty for just sitting at my computer and sending out emails to people, because it’s faster. This weekend, I’m going to just sit down and write a letter to someone special. We seem to forget how this could make someone’s day. Thanks for reminding us!

  • I am absolutely with you there! I ADORE letter writing and receiving, there is nothing better than knowing someone has taken the time to stop and take the time to write :)
    How extra lovely that you and your Grandmother write to each other :)

  • Bonnie, I totally agree!
    I try to send letters to my grandparents regularly (they still enjoy looking for the mail each day)..and I always send birthday cards to my closest friends. I LOVE getting notes in the mail.

  • I have a ton of stationary that I have collected but have lost touch with people I used to hand write letters to and I loved it. I will have to dig them out and start back up.

  • I like this reminder to send out good old snail mail! It’s so nice to get something other than a bill in the mail. I’m going to take this as a challenge to send out some letters this month! Thanx for the reminder!

  • I love to get hand written letters and notes in the mail. They are extra special these days because in your mail box you get only bills and junk. It’s a great thing to make a routine or habit to write hand written letters to our loved ones who are far away and then this art will not be a forgotten art.