happy friday, lovelies! did you have a good week? i sure did. we've been at our home in north carolina ever since wednesday and it is so beautiful here! i snapped this picture with my cell phone as i walked out of our parent's house yesterday morning. isn't it beautiful? after being through new mexico, arizona and colorado, i can't believe how colorful everything here is already. my allergies have been protesting, but it's totally worth it. i love the greens, pinks, yellows and purples.

this week on ghtr and around the web:

- check out these adorable dopamine hearts and support the parkinson's disease unity walk

- learn how to get crafty with birch wood

- meet my mom

- see the kombucha scoby my friend and i are growing!

- ever heard of a chia seed?

- learn how to make your own baby food

- did you find a good all natural sun screen yet?

a BIG HUGE thank you to all the amazing guest posters i had this week! i couldn't have managed this week without you. big hugs to each one of you!

what are you doing this weekend? i'll be relaxing and catching up with friends and will be looking forward to seeing you back here on monday. xox! bonnie

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