living in the valley just seems to promote an easier way of life. i find that i'm most often in no hurry at all. i'll walk to the mailbox rather than check it on my way in and somehow easily find time to catch up with friends and neighbors. when the electricity went out for some 4 hours yesterday, it didn't seem to disrupt my life in the way it usually would have. i like that. an easier way of living calls for an easier way of dressing, and i think madewell screams long walks to the farmers market and strolls along the beach. what do you think? they are my latest favorite shop to browse through.

arrowhead fringe scarf; 59.50. summer sun hat; 38. whisper rainbow dress; 330. sunday stroll shirtdress; 168. market tote; 58. checked paperboy shirts; 59.50. getaway tank; 23. elastic sneakers; 55. ancient river necklace; 45.

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