our handmade holidays

our handmade holidays

in addition to our crafty christmas, we also had a very handmade holiday! above are all the gifts that we either gave or received, that we purchased from our favorite handmade marketplace, etsy!

1: the perfect key necklace for my sister (she's a realtor)

2: all of my friends got a print from my favorite artist, katie daisy

3: with these two cosmetic bags, i now travel in style.

4: i love this beautiful shoulder bag- the construction is flawless and the fabric is so pretty!

5: i gave this french rolling pin to my mom, it has so much character and feels perfect in your hands.

6: gave by yours truly to my mister: a grey bearded beanie. oh yes, i did!

7: wool dryer balls to prevent static and decrease dry time

8: handmade trout flies; a gift from my mom to her favorite fly-fishing son-in-law

9: 2 nesting batter bowls for the best cook ever (my mom)

in addition to buying handmade, i also gave some things handmade by me! i made simple fleece throws for the whole family, personalized with colors and a little applique fitting to each of them. i also made bath bombs for all the gals (recipe found in ghtr's celebrate magazine) and also crafted some head bands and hair accessories for the girls.

did you  have a handmade holiday? did you give and receive handmade gifts, or make some of your own gifts? please, do share!

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  • I love all of Katie Daisy’s work! I had never seen it until your blog post…thanks for sharing with us! I think I’ll purchase her “Someday Cottage” print….just love the colors she uses!

    • katie, you are so welcome! so sad we couldn’t get up this past week, but i’ll be back soon!

      allison- i love that print! you’ll be so happy with anything you get from her. :)

  • at the beginning of december when you couldn’t make a move into a shop because it was crowded and everybody was stressed out and very unfriendly i decided to make everthing myself and so i did. 4 scarfs (either knitted or sewed), a cosmetic bag, magnet pins and food were given away. for those who already have everything (like my parents and grandparents) there were vouchers to spend time together. unfortunately i didn’t get any handmade things but that’s ok.
    i really don’t want to be in those stores before the holidays. making the gifts myself wasn’t less stressful but the stress was different. i had to work until dec 23 so everything was last minute but at least i listened to nice music and had an awesome cup of tea while making them. that’s priceless!

    • hi lou! oh, your holidays sound so wonderful! you are right, it’s a different kind of stress, but it sure does beat the bustling stores. i was still hand stitching some blankets on our drive home! but it was totally worth it. :) thanks for sharing!

  • YES bonnie, i was knitting one more scarf on the way to see my in-laws. fortunately we were stuck in a traffic jam and it took us 6 hours instead of only 2 :-)) very last minute. but the face of my father-in-law: priceless!!

  • we certainly did have a handmade christmas…and it was lovely! a few weeks ago I paid homage with a treasury on Etsy…I’d share, but many of the items have sold now and it is not the treasury it once was :) a few of my favorites: the birthday party set I made my niece for her dolly, the ornaments I made for 7 of our favorite kiddos, and the aprons that YOU made for my daughters!

  • OMG – I LOVE those nesting batter bowls!!!

    AND YES, coming from a crafty/sewing/cooking family, we all give and get handmade goodness.

    My new fave gift (to give): homemade vanilla (see info here: http://www.erintagledesign.com/2010/12/bake-much.html ) and a handmade (by me) apron! I gave them this year, in addition to a spice rub that I make every year.

    I adore all of your things!

    Happy New Year!