our new california home!

our new california home!hello, lovelies!! guess what. WE FOUND A HOME!! let me tell you, it is magical here. however, the rental scene is pretty grim here in santa ynez, california. we looked and we looked and not only are there no rental signs posted anywhere (i mean, not even one), but the cost of living is as expected, pretty outrageous.

after a hard afternoon and a long prayer, the nifty craigslist app on my phone notified me of a new listing. a converted barn, in our price range that included EVERYTHING on my wish list. God is good.

our new california home!our little piece of heaven is a vine covered renovated barn with a trellis front and a screen door. a front and back yard for toaster, mature shade trees and several perfect spots for veggie gardening. fruit trees surround the property and it's just over a mile from david's work.

our new california home!they were doing a little bit of construction so the inside pictures aren't quite the best, but this is our view looking out from the living room and open kitchen. it's a one bedroom, one bath with a full kitchen and a loft for guests to sleep in. we'll be looking for an old ladder to set up as access to that, so the local thrift stores will be seeing me very soon.

our new california home!

our new california home!

this is the view from our porch. the house sits right on a vineyard and rolling hills are just off in the distance. ahhhh.

our new california home!and this is yet another little gem that's on the property. the house is only about 1000 square feet, so we're really excited to have some outdoor living space. i'm thinking an old table with mix and match chairs could make this the perfect outdoor dining area. what do you think?

tomorrow i'll be sharing with you more of the town so you can see just what kind of place this is. it's full of lavender farms and strawberry stands. you're going to love it.

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