pattern inspiration

lately, it seems that everywhere i look, patterns have begun to catch my eye. i believe that i have become more aware of them, and have also begun to give them much thought. what it took to create them, the color palette used and what the source of inspiration might have been.

pattern inspiration

pattern inspiration

love wreath

pattern inspiraiton

scandi - colour it yourself

pattern inspiration

apple blossom meadow

pattern inspiration

brie harrison

patterns inspire me. from the textured tiles on a sidewalk to how the clouds align above, to the patterned packages along the isles in whole foods. patterns surround me and they nourish my creativity.

dear friends, what nourishes your creativity?

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  • Patterns, vintage letterpress and old photographs spur my creativity when I’m in a little creative slump. Thanks for posting these amazing patterns. I’m in awe of the love wreath.

  • My greatest inspiration lies in the endless hordes of talented artists and creators out there and the beautiful, creative things they make. Looking through another artist’s work is sure to light a fire under my creative kettle!

    (PS. You are totally my go-to source for great etsy finds. You have introduced me to the work of SO many lovely etsians. Thank you!)

  • ooh, thanks for introducing me to leahduncan’s shop this morning! found a new favorite in there…ok, a few :)
    vintage and cottage style party decor are currently quite inspiring to me as I’m gearing up for my littlest to turn 5 this weekend!