pennywishes art
pennywishes art
pennywishes art
i love this happy little shop! pennywishes features one uplifting print after another, and as her mission is to spread peace, love & happiness- i'd say she's doing just that. hop on over to her shop to get a little pick-me-up!

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  • I just looked at this shop today! I LOVE the last one! I’ve been looking at art prints ever since you gave me the Katie Daisy one that I love :)

  • you know those mornings where you wake up feeling rejuvinated (although very tired) because one of the many things in your world is going right & you made a right choice & then you see a post that just sums up what it is your feeling. i love the rainbow print, it’s so perfect for how i feel, so simple & totally gorgeous. the kind of gorgeous i may just have to buy! thank you for sharing chica & have a fabulous day. xx