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oh, happy happy monday everyone! it’s certainly a good day, as i have a very special giveaway for you! remember this lovely oversized wrap i got last week? well the lovely creator of it, amber baxley of domestic peacock has offered to host a giveaway for you from her photoraphy shop! that’s right, a long with being an incredible crocheter, she and her fiance, christopher nelson, are also very talented photographers. what a creative couple, right?!

pssst.. amber is also a dear friend of mine who i grew up with! her work is extra-special to me, not only because we’re friends but aslo because many of these photographs are taken from my homeland in north carolina. they bring back sweet memories and even a few tears to my eyes!

here’s how you enter:

visit domestic peacock photo and pick out your favorite photograph. come back here and share with us which one is your favorite and why. one comment per person, please. giveaway will end on sunday, october 23rd at midnight pst. one winner will be drawn randomly and announced on the following friday. good luck!

want to learn more about the domestic peacock? after visiting her photo shop, make sure to stop by her beautiful homemade hats and accessories shop. you can also join her on facebook, twitter and on her blog.

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  • I love these Bonnie- thanks for sharing. My two favorites are Appalachian Mountains and Highlands – of course, both from my favorite place!

  • Really cool photography! And I adore that HOT PINK wrap! I went to her shop but didn’t see anymore like it. Maybe it was a special order?

    I love the Riverland Oaks and the Two Palms. The Riverland Oaks put me in a completely different place. I’ve never seen trees like that in my life. And the palms remind me of my favorite spot in the world. San Luis Obispo where I long to live but can’t afford!
    >> hey natalie!! she only had one of those wraps, but she might be willing to make another! i would just convo her! also, did you know that SLO if right up the road from us? it’s one of our favorite places! we’ll be there next weekend for a few bike races. :) xox, bon

  • I LOVE the “Snow Covered Pines” photo. As an East Coaster living on the West Coast – it reminds me of the winters that I miss so much.

  • I am in love with the “End of the Dock” picture! I was at the outer banks this summer, and this looks so similar to the dock that we spent hours fishing off of. It is so sad that the dock we were on in Manteo was destroyed with the hurricane that recently passed through the OBX. I love that it is in black and white as well! Very beautiful photograph!

  • What beautiful photography! I didn’t know that Amber was a photographer…and what a wonderful one she is! I choose Appalachian Mountains 8 x 10 because I live in the Appalachian Mountains. I love them all.

  • I love the picture, “Icelandic Horse” because not only do I love horses (and mountains!) it’s also a very calm picture, and our house has similar color palettes.
    Thanks for the opportunity..beautiful pics!
    Sarah m

  • Angel tree! Just stunning and the fact that it has been on the planet for this long is breathtaking. Beautiful photography. :)

  • I loe the mist on rocks print… but it was a hard choice. They are all really beautiful. So much talent!

  • My favorite is the “Snow Covered Pines.” It’s really beautiful and sad. It looks like a really healthy hemlock, which you don’t see very often in the southeast anymore.

    Thank you!!!

  • I think the Smoky Mountains pic is awesome. My husband and I took a youth group on a work trip in the Smoky Mountains and I was so struck by how beautiful they are.

  • I’m a little photo spoilt where I live in the mountains near the beautiful Byron Bay Australia and my sister in law photographer is always out and about. But what I love about these is that there all somewhat alien to me… The Long Dock and Folly Pier are something we don’t have here on the Australian coast… It’s something I see in MOVIES… And we have light houses but Morris Island Lighthouse is fantastic! … BUT my favorite is the angel oak. We have nothing quite like this in Australia… It’s a beautiful competition how the tree fills the frame! I love that the branches are almost on the ground!

  • What gorgeous photography! My favorite is snow covered pines. I love nature will all my soul and pines remind me of the mountains, which I truly cherish. Thanks for sharing!

  • Riverland Oaks is my absolute favorite. It is peaceful, it’s the kind of street I’d like to live on after retirement, it’s the street I’d like to walk down–holding the little hands of my grandchildren and listening to the rustle of leaves. I love trees and this photograph is just perfect! I’d hang it next to my bed so I could look at it every morning.

  • What gorgeous photography. I LOVE Riverland Oaks. It is peaceful, and makes me want to take a walk down that beautiful street.

  • My favorite is “Single Palm Tree”, the colors of sunset are so beautiful! Love this blog, and am so happy to be introduced to domestic peacock!

  • Angel Oak is breathtaking. There are few things in this world as extraordinary as historic trees. So much life, so many stories, so much powerful perseverance.

  • My favorite photograph would have to be “The End of the Dock,” it seems like the ultimate retreat. Peaceful, beautiful, and just what everyone needs once in awhile. Love it all!

  • This was a really hard choice. Mist on Rocks. My favorite… here on the West coast we spend hours climbing around searching for the perfect butterfly shell. Beautiful work!

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