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hello lovelies! i just wanted to share some personal news with you, as we're all dear friends here, right? this weekend, i'll be flying home to spend some time with my family for the next week. we found out over thanksgiving last year that my dad has prostate cancer, and tuesday morning he's having surgery to remove it. it was a miracle that we found out as early as we did and the doctors have a great feeling about the surgery and the outcome. they expect to fully remove it and therefore leave my dad completely cancer free. for that i am so thankful! however, the c-word is never something you want to hear. my grandpa (his dad) died from prostate cancer about ten years ago, and to hear the news again has been really hard. however, we are all in high spirits and have great faith that everything will be alright and that he'll be back to his old self in no time. in the meantime, your prayers would mean so much.

my family

{this is my family! sister, hub, me, mom & dad; photo by altmix photography}

want to know a little about my dad? he's pretty much the best man/husband/dad i could ever imagine. he's the most thoughtful, selfless and generous man i know. he has always put his family first and nothing has ever been more important to him than 'his girls'. we were raised with daily hugs and were always told how proud we made him. on early winter mornings, we would always find our cars cranked (as he wanted us to be warm), and to this day he still hides a little money for me when he knows i'm going shopping. he always makes sure that i have mace with me anywhere i go (ha!) and he never let's us forget how much he loves us. if we need him, he is always there for us. he now needs me, so i'm going home.

what does this mean for ghtr? well things might be a little light for a while, but i've got some really great guest posts lined up for you next week. i should be back by thursday (1/27) and return full swing by monday the 31st. i'll try to send out updates on how everything is going via twitter, so feel free to follow along there.

until then! here are a few things to catch up on:

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see you soon! love, bonnie

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  • Bonnie, you and your family are in our prayers. You know how far back we go! Please let me know if I can do anything for you while you are here.

  • I feel like I know you because I’ve been reading your wonderful blog for months now but haven’t ever commented before. Better late than never! I’ll be thinking of you and your dad and hoping that the surgery is successful. Thanks for inspiring me through your blog and lifting my spirits. Now it’s time to let others do that for you and your family.

  • I am praying for a successful surgery and a swift recovery for your father. I have a father like yours and I thank God for him daily. What a special gift.

  • Bonnie, big hugs to you.

    My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and this time last year he underwent a new chemo treatment to get rid of it. He’s just gone through a biopsy, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed to make sure it’s still gone (we’ll find out in a week). My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family right now.

    • i am so thankful for each and every one of you. thank you for being so sweet. :)

      @brandi- i’ll be praying for you and your family as well, make sure to keep me posted.

  • Wishing you a safe trip back home, and a speedy recovery to your dad Bonnie. You are definitely doing the right thing to be next to him when he needs you the most.

  • Will be praying. I know that’s not easy to deal with. I used to work with prostate cancer researchers in Boston and it’s amazing to see how far things have come in the last 10 years even. However, it’s still agonizing because so much is still unknown. Glad you are able to be with your family during this time!

  • I’m so sorry to hear that Bonnie. I will pray for safe travels and for your father to be healed completely. God is good and will watch over you and your family through this time. Love you!

  • Bonnie, my father-in-law was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. They caught it early as you said they did with your dad, and I’m so thankful to say that my father-in-law is now cancer free. I’ll be praying for you and your family as I know how you feel even with optimistic doctors.

    Welcome back to NC!!

  • Sending miracles your way! I know how you feel. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer a year ago. It was a scary diagnosis because thats how his father died, too. He had the surgery to remove his prostate, all went well, and was just declared cancer free. Love to you both.

  • Sending prayers up for your dad, you and the family. It’s so hard as a daugther to see you dad in pain or sick. My dad is just like yours and he broke he’s back last week. It’s been so hard for him to ask for help from us. But we will be there for every step because he would do the same of us. Hope good news comes soon!

  • Im so sorry to hear that you are having to go through this. Having a parent turn ill is the hardest and the C-word is super hard to hear. My mother is a breast cancer survivor and my father was diagnosed with congestive heart failure 2 years ago. They said he would never be back to 100% because he was on the verge of pretty much dying – but never tell my father never! He watched his diet, exercised, did everything asked of him and then some and now he is back to 100% (and wants to do the amazing race. HA! I really need to fill out the application – he keeps bugging me about it. I told him due to his illness he would be a shoe in!)My point is – is I believe with enough determination and love and support you can do anything. My father is living proof. Stay strong for your Papa – Lord knows he is trying to for you. I’ll be thinking and praying for your family! Safe travels Bonnie!!