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are you a purseaholic? (was that a stupid question?). i think even if we don't have a purse problem per-se, there's still nothing like getting a pretty new purse to carry. one always seems to catch my eye as a walk by a store, or whisper my name as i flip through the pages of a catalog, and then the dreaded purse-envy sets in.

well, no fear! here to help is my favorite purse blog- with finds of every kind that help make finding affordable purses easy. with frequent purse giveaways and reviews you can rely on, purse pixie is a place i can get lost in for a while. i especially like this perlina vanessa tote (giveaway is still live- ends 9/25!).

purse pixie: {purse blog} {flickr} {facebook} {twitter}

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  • Oooo I love purses! In my family I am known as the “bag lady.” Sadly though I don’t have that many purses anymore (oh I sound so materialistic). I will have to check out this website! Thanks!